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Our most ancient of healing practices used world wide by our ancestors.


Hunter gatherer tribes lived in peaceful, egalitarian communities for thousands of years. The Shaman was the healer and would help with sourcing food for tribe (so key to their survival).  All the tribe led a shamanic lifestyle, they connected to the natural world around them, understanding their environment, plants, animals and the seasons of the year.They lived a more connected life. All the members of the tribe cared for each other, they had very few mental health problems. They spent about four hours a day working and the rest of their day relaxing and socializing and were a more successful support group for each other compared to our modern day, smaller families.



Soul or Power loss


Shamans believe we get ill through either power loss or soul loss.


Power loss occurs when we become disconnected from the natural world around us, forgetting we are  part of everything.


Soul loss occurs when we experience a traumatic event. Shamans believe part or parts of our soul actually move away leaving us with a feeling that we are incomplete or not quite whole and these spaces can then be filled with things such as negative thoughts or addictions. Shamans call them intrusions. A practitioner can remove these intrusions and retrieve the lost soul parts while Journeying. The symptoms of soul loss are varied for more information .....



The journey happens to a drum beat, which helps to create a deep altered state of conciousness in the practitioner, where they can make a strong connection with plants, animals, trees, stones and

human guides and learn their medicine or healing.  Typically lasting 20 to 30 minutes the journey is

very simply a healing story for the client.



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