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A holistic way to improving your health

What is Shamanism?

Shamanism is our most ancient healing and spiritual practice, tens of thousands of years old and much older even than organised religion.It has been practiced in every part of the world where humans have settled, by generations of our ancestors.


Shamanism has been widespread throughout history, in all corners of the globe, yet despite this, strong similarities and consistencies have emerged from these many different cultures and areas giving us a core practice. Shamanism, as a therapy, integrates these core practices with modern day living, bringing an appropriate and powerful healing practice into this time.


One of the basic principles of shamanism is the belief that everything is alive and has a spirit and as humans we are connected to everything.










Our ancestors lived in tribes or communities of up to 200 people that provided  help and support to its members. The Shaman's role was to help bring physical and spiritual wellness to individual members of the tribe and solutions to problems affecting the community.The Shamanic tribe lived closely to and understood nature and their surrounding landscape and this knowlege was key to their survival.


The word Shaman is a Siberian Tribal word and describes someone who can leave their body in an altered state of consciousness to travel (or journey) to other realms outside time and space. On the journey they interact with nature and helpful spirits and return with a healing story.


Every one of our human ancestors lived a shamanic life, for thousands of years, down through the generations so even though many of us have no understanding of shamanism we do have an ancestral, unconscious sense of it. People who reconnect with shamanism often find " it just feels right."














Shamanism reconnects us with spirit, nature and our natural internal and external cycles of time by understanding the medicine wheel. It connects us to the seasons of the year, the cycles of life and age and shows us that all things have a begining and end. Understanding the medicine wheel we can begin to perceive life and death differently and replace fear and uncertainty with understanding.


Shamans believe that we become ill through either power loss, when we become disconnected from the natural world and need to be reconnected to restore our power, or soul loss, when parts of us can  actually leave in times of trauma.

Returning these parts can restore our sense of wholeness and wellbeing and this happens in the Shamanic Journey.

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