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What Happens in a Shamanic Journey?

Most shamanic cultures journey to a drum beat. A rhythmical beat of 3 to 7 beats per second causes the brain to synchronize with the beat in the theta brain wave.


In the theta range the shamanic practitioner is in an altered state between wakefulness and sleep and experiences a loss of sense of time, vivid imagery of people, animals and landscapes, sensations of flying and out of body experiences.


The journey is in simple terms a healing story.


The first thing that needs to happen is a consultation about what you, the client needs and how best you can be helped. This will provide the intention for the journey.














The journey typically lasts about 20 to 30 minutes and can be done in different ways, which you can choose.   

  •  I am able to journey for you and then tell you what happens in the journey. (This can be done at distance and is usful if you are too far away or too ill to travel).

  • I can journey and narrate to you as it happens.

  • We can journey together with me leading and narrating the journey. This allows you to contribute to the journey.

  • I can teach you, over time, to be able to journey for yourself; empowering you to do your own healing.


Finally, after the journey, we take time to discuss the content and what it might mean for you and your understanding of it. I can also add my understanding and knowlege of the journey and may also include recording it and researching some of the content, bringing it into the here and now.

contact Jayne on  077177 25672

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