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Soul Loss and Soul Retrieval



Our modern day medicine focuses mainly on our physical bodies and does not look at the spiritual aspect of us in a way that shamanic practice does. One of the core practices of shamanism is that of soul loss and soul retrieval.


Soul is uniquely us, our identity, our individuality and Shamans believe that parts of it can break away and move outside the body or move completely away from us in times of difficulty or trauma, believing that this is one of the reasons why we get ill (the other being power loss.)


It is the shaman's job to find the soul part or parts and bring them back, resulting in the person feeling and  becoming whole again.




Reasons for soul loss:

  • Accident, trauma, serious or prolonged illness

  • Abuse; not just sexual, but also physical and mental/emotional too

  • Prolonged anxiety or fear

  • Loss and grief

  • Shame and guilt

  • Prolonged pain

  • Giving your soul to another; co-dependent relationships

  • Domination by another person, or a group (everything from peer pressure to religious cults)

  • Allowing your soul to be stolen by another, or others i.e. being bullied or controlled

  • Substance abuse and other addictions (allowing your soul to be stolen by the object of the addiction)

  • Not being true to oneself; disowning or disallowing parts of oneself


The symptoms of soul loss are many, they include:

  • A sense of somehow being incomplete; that something is 'missing'

  • Feelings of numbness or flatness; of just going through the motions

  • Feelings of hopelessness, apathy and indifference; like a spark is missing

  • A sense of being disconnected from life or what is around you; as if you are living in a dream

  • Depression, ranging from mild, to moderate, through to severe

  • Feeling lost, indecisive and aimless

  • Procrastination, time wasting, or finding it hard to sustain focus or effort

  • A lack of confidence and self-belief

  • Having a strong inner critic who puts you down and is always on your back

  • Phobias and anxieties; fearfulness

  • Missing memories (where have the memories gone, why did they go?)

  • Addictions or other compulsive behaviours and/or thought patterns

  • A sense of never having really recovered from a past event

  • Repeatedly returning to a person, location or behaviour that is unhealthy for you

  • Inability to move on from an issue or event, despite efforts to do so

  • Finding it hard to (re)invest in the future with enthusiasm and optimism

  • Feelings of grief, fear, anger or rage that you cannot seem to shake off




People will often feel that something is missing or even that part of them has died and can sometimes experience remembering a past event over and over again or not remember it at all.


Soul loss occurs when we feel unsafe, unsure and unable to cope any longer with a situation.  We can be heartbroken, be caught up in a difficult family situation, be struggling to come to terms with the death of someone close, addicted to something or have been bullied. We may have been told not to cry or be angry as a child or constantly criticised, shamed or afraid.


Soul retrieval makes us feel like ourselves again, makes us feel whole again.






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